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“I'm interested in personal experiences, in people, in human beings,” says Cuban photographer Raúl Cañibano in Cuba, Cubano, Cañibano.  “I love to work with humans, the daily experiences, the person.”  


This film presents Cañibano’s work, haunting and surreal images of everyday life in Cuba that have won awards and accolades for decades.  

Foothill College Photography Professor Ron Herman met Cañibano in Cuba in 2010 on a cultural exchange trip that Herman had arranged.  “When he opened up his box of prints, it was like ‘wow,’” says Herman of Cañibano.  “It was a completely different vision … [and] it’s not just like the one on top was a good one.  Every one was exceptional.”  Herman arranged several more workshop trips for photographers to visit Cuba and work with Cañibano.   In January 2015, just after President Obama’s announcement of our thaw with Cuba, Herman arranged an exhibit of Cañibano’s work at Foothill College in Los Altos, California.




First solo exhibit in the Western US at Foothill College in Los Altos, CA


Cañibano as a young photographer in Cuba



Cañibano in a recent photo holding the flags of the US and Cuba 

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